Stop Dieting, Start Living


Stop Dieting and Start Living

Honor your body

Are you ready to give yourself the gift of self care - a way of eating that's rooted in nourishment, not rules and deprivation? Only YOU are the expert in your body.

Reclaim Fun in Food

Is it finally time to forget what you know about restrictive diets and explore what it's like to enjoy food without obsession? You can eat in a way that fuels your everyday activities and sustains you, body and mind.

Personalized Nutrition

At Eat with Enthusiasm there is no one "right" way to eat; every person's eating will look different based on his or her health and diet history. Explore the packages below and reach out if you're unsure which may fit you best. 

Two Month Commitment
Nutrition Coaching

Two months is a great initial chunk of time to give yourself for changing your mindset around eating. Think of it as dipping your toes in!

Self care investment


Self care investment


*$20 discount

Three Month Commitment
Nutrition Coaching

An additional month of education and support to help your new habits and mindset around eating stick!

Taster One Month
Nutrition Coaching

While learning about and practicing new health and nutrition habits generally takes longer than a month to solidify (hence longer commitment options), perhaps you feel you just need a nudge. 

Self care Investment


Ongoing Support


Follow up Bundle

For continued education and support, this package of three follow ups will help you on your continued health journey.

Performance Fueling

For Backcountry Foodie clients only. Dial in your nutrition while honoring your body’s wisdom to fuel and nourish appropriately. 

Self Care Investment


Common Questions

If you’re still wondering whether Eat with Enthusiasm Nutrition Coaching is right for you check out the Q and A here to see if we can put you at ease and help you feel ready to pursue a path towards a better relationship to food and your body. 

The first thing to understand is that the approach at Eat with Enthusiasm is likely quite different from the way other dietitians or nutritionist practice. The main focus is to help clients let go of diet mentality and reconnect with his or her internal eating cues. We won’t know exactly where to start until we dive into your health and nutrition history!

While it might seem simple to follow a meal plan and see the results you desire, eating and health is far more complex! No one knows your body, hunger, fullness, or how food make you feel except you, and a pre-fab meal plan does not honor this notion.

In a way, you will likely be unlearning some of what diet culture deems as “good” and “bad” foods. All foods can fit into a balanced eating plan, so unless you have specific complaints that may relate to food intolerances/sensitivities (which we will explore) any food can be enjoyed at anytime. Food is food – is has no moral value!

Adequately fueling is essential for joyful movement. From yoga to strength training to mountain adventures, food can set the foundation for optimal energy and recovery.

Working through food and health issues can be intense, whether you’re ready to ditch dieting or solve digestive issues, adopting and applying nutrition principles can be a long term process. It will take time wrap your head around the education presented and apply it in your daily life! Package-based options allow more time to work through these issues.

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Ditch the diet, nourish yourself, start living

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