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Some folks are hungry before even crawling out of bed in the morning while others are more of a brunch time eater. Either way, most of us need more than a cup of coffee to feel fueled throughout the day.

Breakfast can be an excellent opportunity to set the tone for the day energy-wise and keep tabs on your hunger. If you’ve skipped breakfast for some time and don’t necessarily feel super hungry in the morning you might consider some of the more subtle signs of hunger. Perhaps your stomach isn’t growling, but you may feel light headed, have a hard time focusing on tasks, or become a bit irritable. These are actually hunger cues, and this takes some real tuning into your body, which requires a good deal of practice in and of itself.

Once you do begin to identify your hunger early in the day, responding to it by eating something satisfying can help prevent potential ravenous overeating later in the day. It will also allow you to eat and move on to the more important aspects of your life, like family, work, movement, etc. rather than dwelling on any nagging hunger.

Think of your first meal as an eating opportunity, when you can provide your body and brain with “bang for your bite” foods that balance energy levels and help you focus for a productive day. While there is no one-size-fits-all breakfast, a filling for equation often looks something like this:


I like to remind folks that there are no rules about when to eat certain foods. In other words, if it’s appetizing and convenient, dinner leftovers would be perfectly appropriate for breakfast. Who hasn’t had eggs or pancakes for dinner before? Meals can easily be flip flopped. If it helps to wrap your head around this idea, think of breakfast as “meal number one.”

Check out this variety of make ahead ideas, some sweet, some savory for all palates of all preferences:

Get curious and creative with your first meal of the day to find what combination of foods helps you feel focused and energized. As you experiment, take time to consider whether certain foods leave you feeling drained. If it saddens you to think of giving up foods that you find don’t serve you, think of adding to the meal in an effort to achieve more balance and see if that perks up your energy and your enhances satisfaction.

Tell me in the comments what your favorite breakfast foods are! 



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