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Learn to trust your body, stop obsessing about food, rediscover the joy of eating, and make space for the things in life that really matter.

10 Energizing Breakfasts

Looking for variety in your breakfast game? Check out some familiar yet unusual ideas here!

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Get a glimpse into my nutrition philosophy, maybe even into my pantry!

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My weekly musings on what’s “hot” on the shelves. 

How does nutrition coaching work?

How does Nutrition Coaching work?

Get started with a free discovery call, where we learn more about you, your health goals, your relationship to food, and what you hope to achieve through nutrition coaching. We’ll explore which package option fits best for you, and you can ask questions about what to expect from the process.
Get in Touch
Step 1
In your first session, we’ll spend 75 minutes doing a deep dive to really get to know you. We’ll explore your health history, relationship with food, and current eating patterns. We'll discuss what success looks like for you based on your goals and how to move forward in developing your personal nutrition plan.
Initial Session
Step 2
Finding your way back to an intuitive style of eating that honors your health goals may not be a linear path. While the goal is to empower you with knowledge and arm you with compassion, external support may be useful in your journey. That's where video, phone, and email support comes in.
Ongoing Support
Step 3

Meet the Team

Hi there! I’m Marissa, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist passionate about helping folks escape our diet-centric culture and get back in touch with their personal food palate that helps them feel their best. 

Using the principles of gentle nutrition and intuitive eating, you’ll be eating with enthusiasm and nourishing you body so that you can focus on the things in life that matter most to you instead of obsessing about food all day! 



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